• Holidays

  • Let Hill’s Meat Market be your one-stop shop for all your holiday needs!

    Whole Beef Tenderloins- Cut and trimmed free!  $16.99/lb

    Bone-In Standing Rib Roast- Seasoned or Unseasoned   $14.99/lb

    Boneless Prime Rib Roast- Seasoned or Unseasoned   $15.99/lb

    Pork Crown Roast   $4.99/lb


    All Natural Fresh Amish Turkeys   $2.99/lb

    All Natural Fresh Amish Turkey Breast   $4.99/lb

    Ossian Smoked Turkeys (12lb.)   $3.99/lb


    Ossian Bone-In Ham (18lb.-24lb.)   $3.49/lb

    Fishers Semi-Boneless Ham (14lb.-16lb.)   $

    Ossian Boneless Ham (13lb.)   $5.99/lb

    Ossian Spiral Sliced Hams (10lb.-12lb.)   $5.99/lb

    Ossian Curemaster Ham (12lb.-14lb.)   $5.99/lb

    Maple Leaf Farms Ducks (6lb.-8lb.)   $5.99/lb

    Roasting Chickens (6lb. avg.)   $2.49/lb

    ORDER YOUR FRESH SELECT OYSTERS TODAY! ($19.99/lb) ($24.99/lb Strained)

    (Available only around the holidays)

    Our Deli carries Cranberry Salad, Homemade Stuffing.

    We carry a full line of baked goods and pies!

    Don’t forget Hill’s Meat Market’s delicious cheeseballs!

    Call (260) 747-5288 today to place your holiday order!