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    All of our sausages are made in house using the finest spices, ground pork butt and shoulder trim, cased in a traditional all natural hog casing. We only put quality ingredients in our handmade, fresh everyday, Bratwurst. Check out our entire list of Pork, Chicken, and Turkey Bratwurst today!


    Green Pepper and Vidalia Onion-



    Bacon and Cheddar-

    Polish Kielbasa- Garlic

    Casing Sausage-

    Sriracha- Sweet and Spicy


    Habanero- Hot!

    Chili Cheese-

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    Spicy Country-                         




    Hot Italian- 

    Mild Italian-


    Chicken and Turkey

    Tomato Basil-

    Chicken Cordon Bleu-

    Chicken Sausage-

    Turkey Bratwurst-

    Jalapeno Popper- 


    Specialty Patties       

     Beef- All of our Beef Burgers are ground in house daily using trim from the beef we source locally and nationally.


    Jalapeno and Cheddar Patty-

    Mushroom and Swiss Patty-

    Chili Cheese Patty-

    Ranch Patty-

    Smokehouse Patty- 50/50 grind of Ossian Bacon and Ground Beef.

    5-alarm Patty- HOT! Prepare yourself for this fiery infusion of homegrown habanero peppers alongside melty swiss and cheddar cheese.



    We use our famous bratwurst recipes and put them into delicious pork patties.

    Bacon and Cheddar-


    Green Pepper and Onion-

    Mild Italian-

    Hot Italian-


    Chili Cheese-



    Want a healthier option? Check out our line of all natural Turkey burgers today!

    Tomato and Basil-


    NEW! Garlic & Rosemary Chicken Burger

    NEW! Spinach Feta Chicken Burger