• All of our sausages are made in house using the finest spices, ground pork butt and shoulder trim, cased in a traditional all natural hog casing. We only put quality ingredients in our handmade, fresh everyday, Bratwurst. Check out our entire list of Pork, Chicken, and Turkey Bratwurst today!

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  • At a young age, Scott Dunfee had a desire for delicious food. He has since then, carried that passion and taste into Hill’s Meat Market for the last 20 years. Scott uses a Southern Pride smoker to infuse his flavors into Pork, Beef, and even Chicken! Scott makes a variety of products! 

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  • Our beef is all natural non-injected USDA choice. We also carry local hanging meat that has been dry aged for at least 7 days giving it greater beef flavor and tenderness.

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  • Our pork is local Indiana kitchen pork with great marbling for best flavor and never injected with solution.

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  • All of our poultry is non-injected and hormone free.

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  • Need to fill up that deep freezer for winter? Having a big get together? Maybe you like to buy bulk and save more? Or even if you just don’t want to wait at the grocery anymore! Here is a comprehensive selection of all the freezer bundles and packages we offer.

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  • We offer meat full of real farm flavor

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  • Santa's Christmas Wish List!

    -Whole Beef Tenderloins-

    -Standing Rib Roasts-

    -Boneless Rib Roasts-

    -Pork Crown Roasts-

    -Amish Turkeys-

    -Ossian Smoked Turkeys-

    -Ossian Bone-In Hams-

    -Ossian Boneless Hams-

    -Ossian Curemaster Hams-

    -Ossian Semi-Boneless Hams-

    -Ossian Picnic Hams-



    -Whole Roasters-

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